Beautiful papier-mache lacquerware appeared in our neighborhood fifty years earlier than metal trays. 19th century historian Andrey Isaev called it "an interesting case of how one industry brach gave birth to a significantly different branch of industry". Filipp Vishnyakov, former peasant of earl Sheremetev used to work as a carter at Fedoskino manufactory which produced caskets. Carter Vishnyakov was very smart and looked attentively at the goods he carried and  listened attentively to the talks manufacturers talked.. He opened his own  workshop in 1790 and there produced lacqured papier-mache caskets, cigarette-cases, biscuit dishes and vases  to please the grateful Moscow fashion.  People said that he didn't sleep at night thinking of how to improve his goods.

His son, Osip Vishnyakov,  opened his own workshop in Zhostovo and added papier-mache trays that promised great  success on the wave of  the growing popularity of tea.  A decade passed and Vishnyakov betrayed papie-mache and switched to metal. Little time passed and metal trays monopolised  the village of Zhostovo, local tray painting has become independent and powerful.

Zhostovo Decorative Art Manufactory restored the old tradition and now offers samples of authentic Zhostovo painting on caskets and vases made from papier-mache.

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