We invite you to take part in a magic action called Zhostovo master class.

There is no doubt that our unique museum of trays will inspire you to try to paint your own zhostovo tray. Best contemprorary artists will share their handicraft secrets to assist you in this thrilling adventure.

Palettes, brushes, paints, disposable aprons and blank trays are prepared for you in a specially equipped room.

At first you will paint your tray with instuctions of attentive tutor. Then you will sign it. Then your tray will be aired in a special stove and will be covered with varnish. After that your tray will be returned into the hands that painted it :)

Children and adults can take part in master class. Children are usually more daring because adults are afraid at first that they will not be able to do it but then they come to enjoy the creative process. Every person held a brush in childhood.

The telephone number for armoring and more information: (495) 981 3989 or e-mail:

Dear visitors! We would like to inform you that Museum of trays and shop in the village of Zhostovo will be closed for the national holidays the following days in 2017:    Thursday, February 23,    Wednesday, March 8

  Masterclass and excursion  Excursion on a museum
Quantity of people Children Adults Children Adults
30 and more 490 rub. 690 rub. 100 rub. 200 rub.
15 - 29 590 rub. 790 rub. 100 rub. 200 rub.
10 - 14 890 rub. 1300 rub. 150 rub. 300 rub.
6 - 9 1500 rub. 2000 rub. 150 rub. 300 rub.
3 - 5 3000 rub. 4000 rub. 200 rub. 500 rub.
1 or 2 4000 rub. 5000 rub. 500 rub.   1000 rub.


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