Zhostovo painting style is remarkable for its free, juicy and rich stroke. Zhostovo artists never work with patterns. Their imagination is only to be tamed by strict rules which have been formed by generations of local artists. Classical Zhostovo supposes one of the four compositions : «Gathered bouquet», «Bouquet in scattering», «Wreath» or «Branch in a corner». It is essential that big and small flowers, leafs, buds and stalks exist in harmonious unity within the space of the tray.

Every Zhostovo tray is hand-painted. Every artist leaves his signature on his artwork. Small professional secret: when an artist is especially fond of a tray he just painted he signs his name very neat. 

Zhostovo Decorative Art Manufactory never allows compromises in the matters of singularity. Each tray independently of size, shape and technique is a unique work of folk art.

Zhostovo painting is applied today not only on metal but also on papier-mâché, ceramics, glass and even leather.

Independently of surface on which Zhostovo painting is applied, multi-layer painting is used. A variation of painting, artistic and decorative methods (choice of colouring, change of composition), free and various choice of decorative methods and technique of performance (using of technique of thick, transparent and compound painting), choice of materials (bronze, aluminium powder and paste, mother-of-pearl, potal) is allowed.

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