"Troika" is world-famous word for the unique, the onliest in the world multi-gated team of three horses. The middle horse called korennik is supposed to trot while the two bokovye ("side") horses gallop. Side horses "carry" the korennik and that is how the "flying effect" of russian troika is reached. Zhostovo borrowed the theme of summer and winter troikas from the artistic casket collection of the neighboring village of Fedoskino. Today there is a channel (Canal imeni Moskvy) separating Zhostovo and Fedoskino, but earlier there was a 7 km road between these villages. This theme became a common canon in consciousness of tray craftsmen in 1850-1860.

The common mood of painting on "podmoskovnye" trays (trays created in the suburbs of Moscow)  was very bright and pungent.

Landscape painting can be easily recognized because of its decorative conditional character of image and because of its improbable lyrical attitude.


*** The history of Zhostovo trays birth goes together with the history of a famous art craft of lacquer miniature Fedoskino which founder the merchant Lukutin established production of lacquer goods on papier-mache (1795). Nowdays Zhostovo and Fedoskino are separated by the Moscow channel whereas it used to take 7 km horse ride between them.





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